Mary Elliott

Child Therapy

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There are many reasons a child or young person may benefit from psychotherapy. Often difficult life experiences, losses and changes leave children with confusing, overwhelming and difficult to manage feelings which may be too difficult to process without professional support. 

Children can find it hard to put feelings into words. Play, art and creativity within psychotherapy helps children and young people to express themselves fully, including those things which are difficult to talk about.

I use play and creative arts to gently get alongside and understand how relationships and experiences have shaped a child's internal emotional world. I help to make sense of what a child or young person shows me through their play and creativity and through their relationship with me.

By thinking about and talking about feelings children can process difficult experiences and associated feelings and reduce levels of distress. Over time children transfer what has been taken in from therapy to relationships with others, helping them seek and receive emotional support more easily.

I can help children and young people who are inhibited, withdrawn, worried, anxious, sad, low, depressed, angry or oppositional. Difficulties may be connected to a wide range of experiences eg family relationships, loss, bereavement, change, divorce, separation, stress.  

I can help children with complex difficulties due to trauma and abuse, and have particular experience and expertise in working with children with attachment difficulties who are separated from their birth families.
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