Mary Elliott

Other services: supervision, training and consultation

Working with children, young people and families with emotional difficulties can be complex and demanding. Supervision, reflective groups, training and consultation are invaluable supports.

Clinical Supervision
As an experienced therapist I offer clinical supervision to integrative child psychotherapists, professionals of other therapeutic backgrounds and the broader helping professions.

Reflective practice groups
Teachers, foster carers, social workers and other professionals often have little time to process, reflect and make sense of the feelings, experiences and behaviour of children and young people they are working with. Adults and professional systems can unintentionally get caught up in relational dynamics that perpetuate difficulties rather than facilitate support and growth. Reflective practice or supervision groups offer experience led learning, are supportive, facilitate good practice, and can improve workplace relationships. Frequency will depend on context and may range from weekly to monthly groups.

I can offer training to foster carers, teachers, social workers and parents eg on therapeutic play and therapeutic skills, understanding trauma and abuse, attachment theory and similar. I can deliver bespoke training sessions so contact me to discuss your particular needs. For foster carers I am a facilitator of Fostering Changes, an evidence based advanced 12 week foster carer training programme.

Consultation to parents, carers and professionals can sometimes be more therapeutic than working directly with a child or young person, eg when a child is unsettled or unwilling to engage with therapy. Consultation can assist teachers, foster carers, social workers and parents in processing, reflecting and making sense of the feelings, experiences and behaviour of children and young people. A therapeutic network of therapeutic care working together will help the child to feel as supported, contained, validated and understood as possible and ensure that decisions are made in their best interests, helping children and young people to fulfill their potential.

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